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About Us

We combine our expertise and support with your strengths to meet your needs and help you thrive.

Who We Are

Arboreta Group, LLC is a women and minority-owned small business. We’re a collection of nonprofit and business professionals who have over 50 years of combined experience in grant writing, fiscal management, marketing/branding, curriculum and training development, program development and evaluation.

What We Do

We take consulting to businesses and organizations one step further by working side-by-side with you to reach your goals, while giving you practical skills so that you can continue doing the work independently. We provide fund development, capacity building, and service enhancement, giving you a cost-effective way to take your business or organization to the next level.

Why We Do It

Our greatest passion lies in creating thriving communities that are supported by a foundation of effective public services, successful businesses, and strong nonprofits. Each organization and business is like its own unique tree, requiring customized services from a variety of disciplines to grow in its own authentic way.

Our Services


Without food, plants can’t survive. Businesses and organizations need a variety of sustainable, predictable sources of revenue in order to thrive. Arboreta Group offers:

  • Business Plan Development
  • Grant Writing
  • Branding, Website Design, and Videography
  • Special Events
  • Direct Mail Campaigns


 Healthy growth requires a strong root structure. The most successful organizations and businesses build upon their strengths and address areas that need work. Arboreta Group provides:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Accounting and Tax Services
  • Marketing
  • Staff Development
  • Board Development


 A bountiful crop is the goal. Your business or organization’s purpose is to meet your community and clients’ needs. Our purpose is to meet yours. We offer:

  • Program/Service Development
  • Evaluation
  • Social Media
  • Customer Relations

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Our Story

How we became Arboreta Group

By Janedra Sykes, Managing Partner

Last spring, during my morning walk, I was contemplating the future of my sole proprietorship, Sykes and Associates that provided grant writing and consulting services to a handful of small nonprofits. I loved my clients and I wanted more for them and for myself. I was thinking about how I could help my clients grow and how I could grow as well while keeping my joy for this work intact. It’s very important to enjoy what I do; in fact it’s non-negotiable.



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What our Clients say

  • “Arboreta Group took their time and expertise to develop our website. Being a small non-profit, Hummingbirds Foundation began out of the dream of a couple of work from home moms. Jaime Sykes and the team from Arboreta Group were instrumental in the creation, development, and execution of our website. Jaime was easy to reach, hard-working, and dedicated to the timely completion of the site. Hummingbirds has been so pleased and impressed by Arboreta Group that we, the founders of Hummingbirds, are willing to pay out of our own pockets to hire this talented team to maintain our website and social media marketing.”

    — Cathy Vanderford, Co-Founder, Hummingbirds Foundation —
  • “Arboreta Group has taken the time to get to know each of our founders individually and as a company. They understand our thought processes and anticipate questions by addressing them often before we can even articulate them. Arboreta Group’s cumulative experience and professionalism has been a tremendous benefit to our organization. They continuously provide us with invaluable recommendations and support. Arboreta Group’s keen understanding of the non-profit industry provides us the foresight to make sensible decisions in achieving our goals.”

    — Harmony Fair Connections —
  • “Jaime did a great job with the video edit. She surpassed our expectations by editing our video that was nearly 12 minutes to a crisp 2 minutes. By capturing the spirit of the students we serve, Jaime has helped us build awareness of our RunStrong program in our community.”

    — Karen Armstrong, Board Vice President, Kevin Armstrong, M.D. Memorial Sports Foundation —

Our Grove

A grove is defined as a small orchard of fruit-bearing trees. Trees are interconnected, and wonderfully individual; diversity and variety abounds. Arboreta Group serves organizations of different sizes, existing for a wide array of purposes and all contributing to a healthy society. Aboreta Group is committed to the growth and well-being of their clients and by extension the people and causes they serve. Our purpose is to help our clients achieve their purpose.


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