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Cash, collateral, sweat equity, and capital are a few names for resources, or “the fertilizer” needed to establish and grow a business. Small businesses need more than just a great idea to address a market need. The inclusion of well-developed plans and adequate resources are also critical components to the root structure of a healthy small business. We work with you to develop a customized business plan that helps you secure the critical funding you need for your venture, and to sustain it through those critical first few years. In addition, we provide the image and marketing plan that will ensure your business thrives.


Business Plan Writing

Arboreta Group is experienced in researching, developing, and writing thorough business plans for a variety of Small Businesses, and we are here to support you in any and all parts of the process. From conducting market research, to helping you find the best business structure to fit your needs, to writing out your fully developed business plan, we are ready to support you. We are in the business of creating business plans that are more than a necessary document for potential investors, an Arboreta Group business plan is a living, breathing document that guides your venture from an idea to fruition.


Fund Development

Arboreta Group can help you research the right combination of funding sources for your business, from traditional lending entities to government grants. Our experienced team is well versed in all aspects of the procurement process, from crafting letters of intent to writing full proposals. We can help you prepare for in-person meetings to pitch your venture and secure funding, and once you receive that investment, we will help you create systems to keep all required documentation. We also know, first-hand, the challenges and rewards of building a successful business with very little cash, large doses of talent, and hard work, and can help you develop a strategy that capitalizes on those resources within your own business.


Accounting Services

According to The New York Times, the majority of businesses fail within the first three years not because of the quality of their product or service, but the difficulty in managing the pace of their growth; either growing faster than they can finance, or slower than their finances can afford. Our team has experienced professionals to provide you support in fund management, budget development, and with creating fiscal policies and procedures to ensure your business is fiscally healthy. Arboreta Group can provide accounting and tax advisory services as well as provide full service bookkeeping and tax preparation services at affordable rates.


Branding, Website Design, and Videography

From the get-go, creating a unique and appealing brand is critical to reaching your desired audience, securing customers, and meeting your revenue goals. We have skilled graphic designers, videographers, and website designers that can design your logo, develop customized printed materials, create or update your website, and produce eye-catching marketing videos. Whether you have existing materials that need updating, or you need to tap into our creative expertise to bring your vision to life, we will help you create a brand you are proud of and the materials that truly reflect your vision.



The public never sees all the hard work you put into running a small business. It is essential that your internal procedures and infrastructure are healthy and well-functioning in order for you to focus on providing services that will effectively help you meet your business goals.


Marketing and Social Media

In a time when potential customers expect to see your business on social media, a strong online presence is essential to building your brand, and for communicating effectively with potential customers. With so many options, and the fast-pace demands of information sharing, it can often feel overwhelming. Our team can help provide you with affordable social media and marketing services to match your advertising budget to best meet the platforms for your business and to ensure that you and your employees have the skills to feel competent in using them. Our services range from entirely operating and managing your social media needs to training you and your employees to effectively run social media in-house. Arboreta Group will work with you side-by-side to build a social media plan that focuses your message, and identifies and targets your audience by developing a consistent voice for your organization, sharing content that’s relevant to your brand and your audience, and providing an effective call to action.


Human Resources Structures

Whether you are a one-person operation or have twenty employees, following appropriate human resource procedures is great liability protection. Policies and procedures like employee handbooks and whistleblower policies are easier to set up as you are building your business than once you are immersed in managing fast-paced growth, but it is never too late to put human resource structures in place to properly manage your staff and safeguard your business. We can help you modify existing structures, or put new ones in place, always taking into account your unique structure, needs, and budget. Once drafted, we can partner with legal professionals to give a final review and recommendations, with the protection of your business in mind.


Strategic Planning

All too often strategic planning results in a beautifully written document that sits in a drawer because it is not connected to the actual work of your business, the practical realities of your capacity, or both. Without an effective strategic plan, your business runs the risk of spending all of its time and resources managing individual crises and “chasing” funding that may veer you away from your goals. Strategic plans are highly effective when they are broad enough to ride the ebbs and flows of your organization, but focused enough to keep you moving in a specific direction. Arboreta Group can guide you through a planning process to develop a strategic plan that will simplify the complexities of the daily work at hand to make it practical and manageable, while still keeping you on track to the ultimate vision for your business. We can help you through the planning process as well as stay with you to implement the plan, helping you reach your goals and adjusting as needed to make your strategic plan a living, breathing tool that works for you.



Businesses make a name for themselves, good or bad, based on the quality of their services. Arboreta Group is here to support you in building, sustaining, and enhancing the quality, high-demand services, and public image of your business so that you can attract more customers, investors, and high-quality employees.


Customer Relations

Satisfied customers are an essential element of successful businesses. Happy customers are repeat customers and great sources of referrals for new customers. Arboreta Group can help you put customer satisfaction structures in place to maintain satisfied customers including a customer feedback tool, a process for responding to negative social media, a direct feedback practice, a customer appreciation implement, loyalty programs, and more! Whether you are a start-up trying to grow your customer base or a long-time business looking to take your growth to the next level, we can help you strategize and put the tools in place to drive your success with strong revenue from happy customers.


Employee Satisfaction & Development

Your employees, working to accomplish your business goals, make up the engine of your business. A strong business invests in the well-being and development of its employees. Our goal is to carry out thorough and balanced reviews of employee satisfaction and to provide you with practical objectives, a realistic implementation plan, and evaluation tools to grow and maintain an engaged and satisfied workforce. Our practitioners can also work directly with your team to provide development opportunities for organizations in need of support in such areas as cultural competency, data management, team building, building healthy collaborations, and managing transitions.


Performance Evaluation

It is not enough to have a strategic plan to meet your goals. To ensure the success of your business, you must also have a method and process for evaluating those goals. Meaningful evaluation is a combination of tracking sales numbers, gathering expense and revenue summaries, folding in customer and employee satisfaction details, and comparing the realities against the business goals you laid out. The well rounded picture you get from using quantitative and qualitative measures allows you to improve the quality of your evaluation, more effectively promote your services, draw in new funding, and provide your employees with the motivation and feedback they need to drive your company’s increased revenue and customer satisfaction. We can help you carry out annual evaluations as part of your strategic planning process, research and implement a data management system that will help you track data you need to carry out regular performance evaluations, and/or adapt evaluative tools that will allow you to carry out an honest and thorough evaluation on your own. Whether we help you through the process or give you the tools to prepare and carry it out alone, Arboreta Group can help you stay focused on your goals and ensure you are moving your business in the direction of success.

Arboreta Group offers flexible pricing and service packages to meet your unique needs, contact us now for a free one-hour consultation.

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