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Grantsmanship: Program Planning & Proposal Writing: “This is the best investment that I’ve ever made. My copy is dog-eared and has tons of highlights and notes penciled in the margins. I read this when I get stuck on a project or am experiencing a bad case of ‘writer’s block.’ It always get me back on track.” – Janedra



The Grantsmanship Center: Top-notch training and publications that help public and private nonprofits get funding to create positive change.

Families and Work Institute: “Encouraging work life balance is especially important for nonprofit organizations as another means of presenting attractive compensation packages to recruit and retain talented individual.” – Cristina

Accounting Coach: Accounting guidance geared for the “Do It Yourself” crowd.

StrengthsFinder 2.0: “Finding and working from your strengths is a good start to understanding yourself as both a leader and member of an effective team.  Using StrengthFinder can help you begin to understand and utilize the strengths of your team.” – Jessie

Nonprofit Accounting Basics: For Professionals new to the Nonprofit Sector

Prelinger Archives: “When I don’t have enough footage, I turn to this site. It offers thousands of films that can be incorporated into any video to add character or enhance the videos message.” – Jaime

Pond 5 – Marketplace for Creativity: Royalty-fre footage, audio, images, and visual effects.

University of San Diego Nonprofit Best Practice Library: A continually growing resource for the nonprofit community, comprised of faculty-selected consulting projects completed by graduate students of the Nonprofit Leadership and Management (NPLM) master’s degree program.

Mobile-Friendly Test: “This tool analyzes your url to see if it’s mobile-friendly.” – Jaime

Nonprofit Marketing Guide: Create simple and effective two-page annual reports.

Managing Transitions: “William Bridges’ Managing Transitions Framework is one of my favorite models on managing through transition. Organizations are often in flux, yet ignore, avoid, or minimize the need for leadership to bridge between the old and the new. This is a good overview of the main points of his book.” – Jessie

The Chronicle of Philanthropy: A go to publication for all things nonprofit.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy: Tips on Great Web-site Design with Donors in Mind

6 Ways to Make your Donation Pages Better

Your Guide to Getting Started Creating Powerful Videos for Your Nonprofit

Branded4Good: Marketing Services for Nonprofits: “This resource not only helps to give your website a facelift, but offers valuable suggestions when creating or remodeling a website to adhere to today’s trends.” – Jaime



Sanford Business Center for Social Innovation:  “In a data and media driven world with heavy competition for funding, organizations cannot risk being out of touch. Keeping abreast of the latest research and innovations is key to staying relevant.” – Cristina

National Council of Nonprofits: “There is such strength from sharing resources and best practices with others at a state and national level.” – Cristina

Foundation Center Tools and Resources for Assessing Social Impact: “Good intentions are how many organizations are started. Measurable outcomes and data driven program development is how successful organizations grow and thrive.” – Cristina

Prevention Institue Collaboration Multiplier – Guidance for building effective community-based collaborations.

W.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide: “Building a logic model is an important first step to program development and developing clear grant proposals. It helps to clarify your program goals and thoughtfully connect those goals with the most effective program activities. This is a comprehensive guide to building logic models and measurable objectives, which will help you from grant proposal to implementation to evaluation.” – Jessie

The James Irvine Foundation: A good collection of evaluation tools and resources.

Excellence in Giving: Provides insight into Foundation giving practices.

Canva: Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software

VetoViolence: “VetoViolence from the Centers for Disease Control is packed with information about building violence prevention programs. It includes information on using the public health approach to program development, risk and protective factors, using the social ecological model, and information on Kaiser’s recent study on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES).” – Jessie


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