Nonprofit Services


Fundraising is a critical component of the root structure of a healthy organization. We work with you to develop a customized, practical fundraising plan that you can implement for your organization to thrive.


Grant Writing

Arboreta Group has extensive experience in the entire grant cycle, and we are here to support your organization in any or all parts of the process. We research to find the right combination of grants for your organization, from corporate, foundation, and/or government funders. Our team is skilled in all aspects of the writing process, from crafting letters of intent to writing full proposals. After you land funding, we are adept at grant management; from tracking and reporting data, to monitoring program and budget compliance, to reporting program impacts.


Special Events

Our role in special events runs the gamut from getting media coverage, to managing vendors, to baking your cupcakes (we have some talented bakers on our team!) We can be involved in the initial planning stages, support your existing events, and give you ideas for new event opportunities. We find vendors within your budget and run day-of vendor coordination so that you and your staff can focus on building relationships with donors instead of worrying about minute details. On the communications side, we write media alerts and press releases as well as craft written and visual materials in order to create an event that is a polished reflection of your agency’s mission.


Crowd-Funding Campaigns

This type of fundraising is increasingly prevalent and helps to create diverse income streams. It doesn’t require a lot of cost in the way that special events do, but it does require a well thought-out plan. One of the key components of a successful crowd-funding campaign is a compelling narrative and pitch to capture your audience right off the bat. Developing a short, impactful video is a great way to move your audience. Our practitioners will work with you to craft the messaging, create the video, and then develop a promotional plan for a successful campaign.


Direct Mail Campaigns

Whether you’re using snail mail or e-mail, the direct fundraising appeal still has value as part of a larger fundraising strategy. Our practitioners craft persuasive content that highlights the strengths of your organization and promotes what makes you unique.




The public never sees all of the hard work of running a nonprofit. It is essential that your internal procedures and infrastructure are healthy and functioning well in order for you to focus on running effective programs that fulfill your mission.


Strategic Planning

All too often strategic planning results in a beautifully written document that sits in a drawer because it is not connected to the actual work of your organization, the practical realities of your capacity, or both. Without an effective strategic plan, your organization run the risk of spending all of its time and resources managing individual crises and “chasing” funding that may lead to veering away from its mission. Strategic plans are highly effective when they are broad enough to ride the ebbs and flows of your organization, but focused enough to keep you moving in a specific direction. Arboreta Group practitioners have been involved with nonprofits at every level, from volunteers to Executive Directors. We are therefore uniquely positioned to guide your board, leadership, and staff through a planning process to develop a strategic plan that steers you toward your vision, while taking the complexities of the daily work at hand into account to make it practical and manageable. We can hand it off there, or work with you to implement the plan, helping you reach your goals and adjusting as needed to make it a living, breathing tool that works for you.


Accounting Services

Nonprofit organizations are stewards of the public good…and the public’s funds. Not only is it ethically important to manage those funds well, it is becoming increasingly complex to manage government funds. Our team has experience with grants and contract management, ranging from city contracts to federal AmeriCorps funding, and everything in between. We are experienced in fund management, budget development, and creating fiscal policies and procedures to ensure your organization is fiscally healthy. Arboreta Group can also do your year-end taxes and bookkeeping at an affordable rate.


Staff Development

Your staff is the pulse of your organization, working in service to your mission. Strong organizations invest in their staff’s professional development. Staff training is most effective when there are clear and practical objectives, a thoughtful implementation plan, and evaluation of the results. Our goal is to provide effective training that motivates staff to incorporate the identified new knowledge, behaviors, and/or skills into their daily practice. Our practitioners work directly with your team to develop training that is unique to your organization, using your content and staff experts, or to adapt training we’ve developed to fit your specific needs. Some of our areas of training specialty include cultural competency, data management, team building, self-care, building healthy collaborations, public health models in prevention programs, and managing transition.


Board Development

What makes a board effective is entirely dependent on your organization’s needs. Some organizations need a board full of people who can roll up their sleeves and set up chairs and cookie plates at an event. Others are centered on the members’ professional expertise or contacts. And still others are focused exclusively on fundraising. If your organization is in the early stages of development, we can help you identify a list of diverse personal and professional characteristics in board members that your organization needs to build the most effective board leadership. If your board is more established, we can build or enhance your board orientation information packet and provide orientations to new members. Additionally, we can help you diversify your board composition, provide board members with ongoing training, and connect to your members’ unique skills and passions to keep them involved and invested in your organization.




Nonprofits make a name for themselves, good or bad, based on their services. Arboreta Group is here to support you in building and sustaining strong, impactful programs and enhancing the public image of your organization so that you can attract more donors, funders, staff, board members, and clients.


Program Development

Our practitioners have experience and skills to assist you in all areas of program development. We can work with you to design a program from scratch or assess existing programs to improve them, increase their scale, or track and manage them more effectively. The foundation of developing programs is a thoughtful community assessment and healthy collaboration with other organizations and stakeholders in the community, all of which we can help facilitate. We have expertise in building community education and outreach programs including researching and implementing best practices, curriculum design, creating and implementing a service delivery model, and assessing the program’s impact on participants.


Impact Evaluation

The overarching goal of the nonprofit sector is to create positive change. Your organization needs an effective system in place to measure your impact on the communities you serve. Meaningful evaluation is a combination of tracking service numbers, gathering client narratives and feedback, and utilizing assessment tools to turn data into measurable program success. The well rounded picture you get from using quantitative and qualitative measures allows you to improve the quality of your reports to funders, more effectively promote your services, draw in new funding, and provide your staff with the motivation and feedback they need to drive your program’s success. We can help you research and implement a new data management system that fits your needs, improve upon your use of an existing system, and/or adapt other evaluative tools that show the impact of your services. This may also include training staff and guiding leadership through the implementation process.


Social Media

Creating a strong presence on social media is an important way of building your brand and reaching wider audiences, increasing donor awareness and communicating with possible clients for a lot lower cost than traditional advertising. With so many options and the fast pace of information sharing, it can often feel overwhelming. Our team can help guide you in picking the best platforms for your organization and ensuring that you and your staff have the skills to feel competent in using them. Our services range from running your social media ourselves to training you how to effectively run it in house. Part of training you involves working side-by-side to build a social media plan that identifies your audience and focuses your message to them; by developing a consistent voice for your organization, sharing content that’s relevant to your brand and your audience, and providing an effective call to action.


Media Relations

Telling your organization’s story in the media is a powerful tool in gaining visibility, attracting new donors and increasing the value of your public profile. It can also be a valuable tool in putting pressure on key decision makers in the public and private sectors who make decisions, policies, and laws that affect the populations you serve. Our media relations services involve writing media alerts and press releases to garner media coverage, training spokespeople who will be interacting with media, honing your message, and serving as a liaison between members of the press and your organization at events.


Arboreta Group offers flexible pricing and service packages to meet your unique needs, contact us now for a free one-hour consultation.

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